Regiments Of Renown

Regiments of Renown
The following is a list of Regiments of Renown during the 5th and 6trgh edition rule set.

The Alcatani Fellowships
Al Muktar's Desert Dogs
Anacondas Amazons
Asarnil the Dragonlord
Beorg Bearstruck and the Bearmen of Urslo
Birdmen of Catrazza
Bronzino's Galloper Guns
Giants of Albion
Golgfag's Ogres.
Gotrek and Felix
Johan and Wilhelm
Leopold's Leopard Company
Long Drong Slayer's Pirates
Lumpin Croop’s Fighting Cocks
Marksmen of Miragliano
Mengil Manhide's Manflayers
Pirazzo's Lost Legion
Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz
Ricco's Republican Guard
Ruglud's Armoured Orcs
The Cursed Company
Tichi-Huchi's Raiders
Vespero's Vendetta
Voland's Venators

Older Regiments of Renown
The following are Regiments of Renown that existed through various editions of Warhammer, prior to 5th edition:
Bugman's Dwarf Rangers
Knights Of Origo
Grom's Goblin Guard
Mengil Manhide's Company of Dark Elves
Harboth and the Black Mountain Boys
Mad Mullah Aklan'd's Death Commandos
The Bowmen of Wood Elf Prince Oreon
Golfag's Regiment of Mercenary Ogres
Golfag's Other Regiment of Mercenary Ogres
Mudat's Mercenary Half-Orc Maniacs
Elwing's Elven Guard Cavalry
Karnac's Lizardmen Raiders
Flying Gargoyles of Barda
Lothern City Guard (High Elf)
Notlob's Orcish Bolt-Throwing Engines (orcs)
The Mighty Throg and his Hobgoblin Despoilers of the Dark Lands
Disciples of the Red Redemption
Avenging Knights of the Cleansing Flame
Eeza Ugezod's Mother Crushers (Black orcs)
The Nightmare Legion - Mordini's Doomed Legion
Harboth's Orc Archers
Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers
Ruglud's Armoured Orcs - The Spike-Can Commandos
Prince Ulther's Imperial Dwarves - The Dragon Company

Fan-Made Regiments of Renown
From Chaos Dwarfs Online - Artisan's Contest IX
The Temple Dog Riders of Dun Khardrakk
Ghuz Slavetaker and the crew of the Bull’s Fury
Thugman’s Inebriated Brawlers
Chosen of Hashut
Kazrin Irontusk’s Chaos Slayer Brotherhood
Kharnash’s Thieving Gits

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